Beatriz has been a creative and gifted Yoga teacher in my practice of yoga. I prefer her classes because she is aware of the body and knows how to modify the yoga poses so her students do not get injured. She thinks of her students needs and special body limitations and adapts her classes to fit the needs of each of her students. Many other yoga teachers teach the same classes without paying attention to the individual students in the classes. She is the best yoga teacher I have found over the years in Miami.

– Susan Randal 

I was referred to Beatriz Osorio in 2007 due to severe lower back pain. At the time the pain was so debilitating that I was unable to function normally. Initially I was concerned about aggravating my condition. In addition to the back pain I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2002 and by 2007 had issues with balance, walking and posture. Beatriz put me at ease from the very beginning. She started with a detailed questionnaire and explained her approach. My improvement was measurable from the first session. She developed a short term plan and a long term plan. I was not aware of this at the time I simply worked through her exercises and improved in each session. She also gave me specific exercises to follow at home on a daily basis. Beatriz would call this my “homework”. The exercises took a few minutes and were easy to perform. I continued to improve on a daily basis. The benefits of working with Beatriz went far beyond our weekly session. Once the back pain was resolved Beatriz and I continued to work together on long term issues that dealt with my MS diagnosis. The improvements have been remarkable. Even my neurologists are amazed. Working with Beatriz has improved my posture, strength, breathing and stamina. I am now able to exercise on a regular basis which has brought many other benefits to my life. Working with Beatriz had the added benefit of allowing me to make a stronger mind body connection. This is something that simply evolved from our sessions and it has had a direct impact on how I deal with MS. The examinations performed by my neurologists show that I am stronger physically even though the disease continues to progress slowly. I feel that I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Beatriz. In addition to receiving all of the benefits associated with Yoga it has given me a sense of control in dealing with a disease that, at this point, has no cure. I highly recommend taking Yoga with Beatriz, particularly for individuals that are dealing with a neuro-muscular condition.

-Delia Perez-Alonzo

I came to yoga two years ago after a lifetime of never stretching with the simple goal of being able to once again touch my toes. In addition to realizing this goal I experienced several unanticipated benefits, the first of which was more pain-free jogging. Instead of taking 30 minutes of jogging to start to feel ‘warmed-up’, I could ease into my pace within 5-10 minutes. This was all the reinforcement I needed to continue the practice. However, I also found that the meditative aspects of yoga—particularly the focus on breathing—was also subtlety aiding my 7-day/week training regimen for long-distance triathlons. Training is now less of a slog and more of an opportunity to experience gratitude for all things in my life. Finally, I discovered that the inclusion of restorative yoga sessions has not only led to a reduction of minor injuries which plague any athlete (e.g., muscle strains), but has actually allowed me to train harder on some days. The practice of yoga has also led to a greater body awareness, which enables me to moderate training sessions, rather than blindly pushing myself to the point of injury and exhaustion. Although my goals were modest at the beginning of my relationship with yoga, I now find the practice fully integrated into my training regimen where it will remain a central activity in whatever future athletic endeavors I pursue.


-David J. Lee PhD

A year ago I fell, hitting my head and resulting in a loss of my sense of balance. Since then, there were times when I felt a little unsteady, until I started taking yoga with Beatriz. Through her unique approach in teaching the “dynamics of balance”, I feel a much stronger sense of stability and equilibrium than I have had in years.

I recommend her highly.

-Carol Cornelison. 

People of all walks of life, social strata and age group are practicing yoga: housewives, professional football, baseball, tennis, golf players, stockbrokers, music stars, grandmothers, kids, medical doctors, nurses, school teachers and enthusiast of any fitness activity. “The reason of its widespread popularity is simple: it works”

-Rod Stryker