Yoga Therapy classes

Our Therapeutic classes are designed to assist the participant in learning yoga techniques adapted for a specific health condition, such as: Back Pain, Arthritis, Limited Mobility, Depression, Stress Relief and Traumatic Stress. These classes set the foundation needed by the students to improve the quality of their life.

The yoga therapy classes have a small number of participants, and are held weekly under the supervision of the experience yoga teacher. CUSTOMIZE PRACTICE IS ADVISED.

All our Therapeutic Yoga programs are available One-on-one.

Current Therapeutic classes:

Yoga for Arthritis and Limited Mobility

The approach of yoga for arthritis and limited mobility starts from the way the body sits, stands and moves. This class target with specific sequence the joints to increase mobility, flexibility, improve function and lessen the stiffness and pain. Breathing techniques and Yoga Mudras, (hands gestures) are practiced to empower the participants to manage the discomfort and pain. No more than five students per class. SAVE YOUR SPOT

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Wednesday @ 10:30 am

Friday @ 12:30 pm

Yoga for Back Pain

This therapeutic class is designed to focus on sciatica, scoliosis, sacrum iliac, flat back, neck problems, and other back related health conditions. Our approach addresses the common physical issues that lead to back pain. No more than five students per class. SAVE YOUR SPOT

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Thursday @ 12:30 pm

Yoga for Stress Relief

This class is designed to work with and manage the mood. It is based on a style of teaching developed by Amy Weintraub known as LifeForce Yoga. The participant will learn breathing exercises, easy yoga poses, guided meditations, sounds, and hands gestures for managing the mood. All level are welcome.  SAVE YOUR SPOT

Text  305-926-7976  to R.S.V.P

Mondays January 11th, 18th and 25th @ 9:30 am and  7:30 pm

Phoenix Rising Yoga

This type of yoga helps the participant to identify emotions and traumas and their effects on the physical and emotional well-being. It explores tools and curse of action. One-on-one only.

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