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We are a Yoga Therapy Studio with a “Yoga as Medicine Approach”

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Yoga Introduction to balance your well-being

w/Beatriz Osorio Majors


February 28th, March 7th and March 14th from 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM

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A workshop just for woman

w/Beatriz Osorio Majors

Leaking accidentally when coughing, running, sneezing, or doing exercise……..

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Friday March 23rd from 6 – 8 PM

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Yoga Therapy

SNAPS Assessment

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Yoga therapy is the growing field in Yoga, which integrates the ancient Yoga wisdom with the Western Medicine. Yoga Therapy starts with an assessment based on the “uniqueness” quality of each person and the understanding that healing comes from the integration of the MIND-BODY-SPIRIT of the whole person

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Key Largo, Fl. Service


Yoga for Arthritis and Limited Mobility

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 YOGA Beatriz Facebook 180






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 “Your body is boundless. It is channeling the energy, creativity, and intelligence of the entire universe.”

Deepak Chopra

Beatriz profile pic   Hello! Welcome to YogaWithBeatriz.com. My name is Beatriz Osorio, and I have been deeply touched by Yoga in my lifetime.  My first contact with Yoga was in 1992 when I was working in the corporate world. Little by little Yoga became an important part of my life, during difficult times that included career changes, relocation, injuries, loss of family and friends, illnesses and financial ups and downs. I have practiced different styles of Yoga: Asthanga, Integral Yoga, Vinyasa, Viniyoga, Para Yoga, Anusara; each of them teaching me valuable lessons throughout my various hardships. The turning point for me was when I suffered a sacrum (lower back) injury, and focused the healing process through a Yoga sequence that I modified according to the different stages of my recovery. Due to this personal experience, I decided to become a Yoga Therapy teacher, and in 2004, became a Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist. I started to work on adaptive Yoga for clients and students with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, and Scoliosis.  In 2007 I became part of the Medical Wellness of the University of Miami, teaching therapeutic modalities and participating in studies for some illness and chronic conditions. In 2009 started to work with Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cancer, Depression, Stress, Anxiety and some Neurological damages.  Through my adaptations and clients’ improvements, I have experienced a Yoga healing potential that I believe has not yet been fully tapped into. This untapped potential of Yoga healing is what inspired me to set Yogawithbeatriz as a platform to help people to use yoga as a way  of dealing with chronic conditions;  to bring quality of life to all who implement it. Be open to try. Pick one of these classes. It could change your life. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@yogawithbeatriz) and Facebook. Namaste

Yoga for Back Pain

A Therapeutic Yoga class focusing on sciatica, scoliosis, sacrum iliac, flat back, neck problems, and many other back related health conditions.

Easy Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is more than a simple set of physical manures. The practice flows bringing together the internal and external using the breath. Vinyasa engages prana o energy found within the breath and leave the practitioner feeling energetic and balance at the same time

Gentle Yoga

Thiis class is for those that want to experience the benefit of yoga but at slow pace. Pelvis floor integrity, and balancing techniques are the core of the class. Restorative poses are practiced at the end of the class. All levels welcome